• [CSR News]S-OIL holds ceremony for launching “Heart-touching Disabled Marathon Team”
  • 2017.10.19

● S-OIL sponsors a disabled team participating in an international marathon competition in Toronto, Canada.
   ? It has sponsored participation of roughly 270 runners in marathon competitions in seven countries for 12 years since 2006.

S-OIL (Representative Othman Al-Ghamdi) held the ceremony for launching the “12th Heart-touching Disabled Marathon Team” at its headquarters in Mapo, Seoul. At the ceremony attended by S-OIL President Ryu Yul and Rehabilitation International Korea Chairman Kim In-gyu, and Heart-touching Marathon Team Leader Lee Bong-joo, the refiner encouraged marathon participants, including 15 disabled marathoners and running mates.

A total of 21 disabled marathoners and running mates will challenge the full, half, and 5km courses of the 2017 Toronto Waterfront Marathon slated for Oct. 22 and S-OIL will sponsor 140 million Won including their entry fees. 

The refiner has sponsored disabled marathoners’ participation in overseas marathon competitions since 2006 in order to boost disabled people’s challenging spirit and their will to rehabilitate themselves and to help to improve social awareness of disabled people. For the past 12 years until this year, 270 or so marathoners and running mates took part in marathon competitions held in seven countries, including Greece, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and the US. 

“I hope that marathon runners will remember their sweat and the sense of achievement they felt while preparing for the race and that they will have a bigger sense of pride in taking this opportunity to participate in the Heart-touching Marathon Program,” said an S-OIL official. “S-OIL will make continued efforts to provide disabled runners with opportunities to challenge themselves through this program.”    

Meanwhile, the refiner held a domestic marathon competition titled “S-OIL Heart-touching Marathon” in Han river Park, Yeouido, Seoul on Sep. 3. On that day, a total of approximately 600 marathon runners, including about 100 disabled participants, took part in the race.


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