• [CEO News]S-OIL, ‘Hero Citizens of the Year’ to those who went out of their ways for neighbors at risk
  • 2019.11.25

● Award to hero citizens including Kim Younggeun who fought a criminal and saved hostage
● Recognition of brave hero citizens through ‘hero campaign’ since 2018

On Nov. 25th, S-OIL(RD Hussain Al-Qahtani) held 2019 Hero Citizens Award Ceremony at S-OIL Head Office in Mapo where he awarded 140 million Won to 23 hero citizens who put themselves at risk to save others in peril.


S-OIL presented both prize money and plaque to the courageous and brave hero citizens including Kim Younggeun(male, 64) who injured himself while fighting a criminal threatening a female restaurant manager with a knife, Sung Jihoon(male, 42) who suppressed a burglar threatening convenience store manager with a knife and later reported the incident to the police and Bae Gihwan(male, 59) who quicly sailed to a ship in distress and rescued 7 crewman. 


S-OIL CEO Al-Qahtani expressed hopes that the courage of unsung heroes can be a source of inspiration to many people and that S-OIL will continue to serve as a reliable custodian of unsung heroes so that their deeds can earn respect from society.


S-OIL has been holding Hero Citizens Award Ceremony since 2008 with the goal to encourage and support hero citizens who go out of their ways to save others at risk.


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