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We are responding to various market demands by repeating continuous change and development.

S-OIL has been firm in its position as the leading company in the lubricant market after reforming development and continuous change since entering the lubricant business in 1989.

S-OIL diversified its lubricant portfolio according to the demands of the market, and S-OIL possesses both lubricant brand with economic feasibility in the form of Dragon, and a high quality lubricant market that is represented in S-OIL 7.

S-OIL lubricant product is in charge of the sales and production at S-OIL TOTAL LUBRICANT, established by combining with TOTAL Raffinage Marketing S.A company in 2008.

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"S-OIL 7" is based on Group III base oil directly produced at S-OIL and PAO as a high quality lubricant brand. S-OIL 7 maximized 5 main characteristics (Mileage increase, environment-friendliness, operation drivability, engine durability, and internal cleanness).

Through this, this brand embodied the ‘7’ elements of high quality lubricant by combining 2 customer values - ‘Ascend (increase)’, symbolizing satisfaction of the driving experience of consumers, and ‘Forward (advance)’, meaning the development of driving function of automobile.



"Dragon" was created at the same time as S-OIL entered the lubricant business in 1989, and the brand has been loved by many people until now as Korea’s long-lasting lubricant brand.

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S-OIL Total Lubricant Co., Ltd.

S-OIL Total Lubricant Co., Ltd., is a company that specializes in lubricant, established by combining with S-OIL and TOTAL Raffinage Marketing S.A. Premium Lube Base Oil from Onsan factory is safely supplied. Production, sales technology, and the marketing know-how of S-OIL and that of Total Company are all actively used such that the company possesses optimal competition through a synergy effect of business area, production, and raw material.

Furthermore, a production system of 3,400 barrels per day and distribution provision by region were established. By producing and supplying various products used in lubricant and industrial sites for automobiles, the company stands high in status as the leading company in Korea’s lubricant market.

  • Address: Ace Tower, 92, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04517
  • Main Number: 02-6320-2000
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