S-OIL Science and Culture Foundation

S-OIL Science and Culture Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in January 6, 2011, in accordance with Civil Law (Article 32) and Act on the Establishment and Operation of Public Interest Corporations, to promote academic research in the field of science and technology in Korea.

Business Goals

  • To contribute to improving Korea's competitiveness in science and technology, and nurturing science culture by supporting prominent scientists in basic science, discovering science prodigies and assisting R&D activities of science-related organizations.
  • To enhance cultural exchange between Korea and Arab countries.

Executive Members

  1. (1st) Chairman of the BOD

    (1st) Chairman of the BOD
    OH Myung
    • ex. Deputy Prime Minister
    • Honorary President
      The State University of New York
  2. (2nd) Chairman of the BOD

    (2nd) Chairman of the BOD
    PAIK Ungyu
    • ex. Minister of MOCIE
    • Professor
      Hanyang University
    1. HAN Sangho
      HAN Sangho
      • Attorney
        Kim & Chang
    2. HONG Junho
      HONG Junho
      • Publisher
        Chosun Ilbo
    3. LEE Heesoo
      LEE Heesoo
      • Professor
        Hanyang University
    4. JUNG Yeongil
      JUNG Yeongil
      • Professor Changwon University
    5. KWON Hyeokjae
      KWON Hyeokjae
      • ex. CRO
        Samil PWC
    6. SHIN Seongdo
      SHIN Seongdo
      • ex. VP
        S-OIL Corporation

Business Performance

Business Performance : Science, Korea-Arab Cultural Exchange Table.
Science Korea-Arab Cultural Exchange
  • EncoreKorea Project
  • Science Prodigy Academy
  • Global Students Mentoring Forum
  • Sponsorship for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
  • Sponsorship for Joint Symposium of Korea Academy of Science & Technology
  • Sponsorship for KAIST International Presidential Forum
  • Sponsorship for Korean Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium
  • Frontier Scientist Fellowship
  • Dissertation of the Year
  • Young Scientist Fellowship
  • Sponsorship for Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum
  • DCD Production of Korea-Arab Fairy Tales
  • Arabic Cultural Photo Exhibition
  • Sponsorship for Korea-Arab Academic Forum
  • Production of 'Glimps on the Arab World'
  • Sponsorship for Arabic Cultural Festival
  • Sponsorship for Arabic Speech Contest
  • Korea-Arab Youth Exchange Program

2019 Performance

  • Dissertation of the Year
  • Young Scientist Fellowship
  • Inter-Academy Joint Research Program
  • Sponsorship for Korea-Arab Youth Exchange Program
  • Sponsorship for Arabic Speech Contest

Contact Details

9F, S-OIL Bldg., 192 Baekbum-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04196, Korea
+82-2-3772-5064 (Jihoo Park)