RUC/ODC Project

S-OIL’s identity is an endless challenge towards new history.

While everyone looked skeptical, S-OIL opened a new gateway. S-OIL expanded domestic refining industry as an exportation industry but also led change of the industry into high value-added business by introducing BCC facility. Furthermore, the company became a competitive market supplier in petrochemical business area through the successful operation of its No.2 Aromatics complex. Now, S-OIL is making a history again.

Since the company's establishment the largest project is in progress. The project consists of the construction of RUC(Residue Upgrading Complex) which the latest refinery technology will be applied and ODC(Olefin Downstream Complex) which will utilize the competitive raw material produced in RUC. Through this project, S-OIL is expected to significantly improve profitability and also secure the industry-leading competitiveness by converting low-value residue to high-value products: gasoline and olefine downstream product.

ODC is the facility that produces olefin downstream products, propylene oxide(PO) and polypropylene (PP), from residue. Propylene oxide is the basic raw material of polyurethane that goes in the interior material of automobiles, electronic products, and insulators. Polypropylene is used for various purposes including automobile bumpers as a type of plastic.

S-OIL can possess high-tech material production ability of high quality making it possible for application in cars, appliances, information technology (IT) and bio-technology (BT) by expanding business based on ODC. Further, the raw material with high importation reliability such as propylene oxide is to be produced in Korea to replace importation and also create stable income. Furthermore, the company will actively develop efficiency and competition of local polyurethane industry and other related industries.

Through RUC/ODC Projects, S-OIL will constitute more balanced business portfolio in refining, lube, and petrochemical area.

RUC/ODC 프로젝트 내 테스트 중인 연구원

This will become the basis of S-OIL stepping up as 'The most competitive and admired energy & chemical company in Asia Pacific'.