• [CEO News]S-OIL holds charity event “Sharing Songpyeon with S-OIL”
  • 2017.09.20

● S-OIL delivers songpyeon and gift packages to low-income households.

S-OIL (CEO Othman Al Ghamdi) held a charity event “Sharing Songpyeon with S-OIL” on the occasion of Chuseok at the Seongsan Social Welfare Center, Ewha Woman’s University in Mapo-gu, Seoul on September 20.

CEO Othman Al Ghamdi and about 100 officers and employees of S-OIL made Songpyeon themselves and offered it along with gift packages containing groceries and daily necessities to 800 low-income households in the Mapo area, including recipients of National Basic Livelihood Security, single-parent families, disabled people and elderly people living alone. 

“I learned that Chuseok is a meaningful national holiday in Korea when people make meals and share them with neighbors, celebrating the autumn harvest” said CEO Al Ghamdi, who delivered gift packages in person to elderly people living alone. “We hope that our small help will be a warm gift to needy people who spend Chseok lonely.”

S-OIL has held the charity event every Chuseok for eleven years since 2007 and has endeavored to help local residents. As part of effort, the refiner offers heating fuel to low-income households and delivers coal briquette of love to the needy.

CEO Al Ghamdi mad himself a Korean name, “Oh Su-man,” and participated in the charity event of sharing songpyeon immediately after he took the helm as CEO. Also he delivered special speech to students of prominent universities such as Yonsei and Korea University to learn Korean culture and conduct Korean friendly management.


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