• [CEO News]S-OIL held 2019 Hero Firefighters Award Ceremony
  • 2019.12.11

● Eight firefighters awarded as ‘2019 Hero Firefighters’ including Jun Joonyoung from Central 911 Rescue HQ
● Hero Firefighter Campaign since 2016 to boost morale and support livelihood

On Dec. 11th, S-OIL(RD & CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani) and Korea National Council for Social Welfare(Chairman: Suh Sangmok) presented award to eight ‘2019 hero firefighters’ including one ‘top hero firefighter’ and 90 million Won in prize money at 2019 Hero Firefighters Award Ceremony held in President Hotel, Seoul.

S-OIL presented award plaque and 20 million Won in prize money to ‘top hero firefighter’ Jun Joonyoung(38, Central 911 Rescue HQ) who was recommended by National Firefighting Agency and KNCSW and selected at the screening committee. The refiner also presented award plaque and 1 million Won each in prize money to 7 ‘hero firefighters’ including Park Jinja(52, Songpa Firefighting Station, Seoul).

 ‘Top hero firefighter’ Jun Joonyoung was sent to Budapest, Hungary in May as a member of emergency response team(rescue) where a cruise carrying Korean tourists went down. There, he played a key role in collecting 17 bodies for nearly a month through underwater and onshore search. In August, he was dispatched to a fire incident site in an office building in Seoul where he not only controlled fire but also saved lives.

S-OIL also recognized 7 ‘hero firefighters’ who dedicated themselves at fire sites to save lives. Among them, Jung Jongmoon(58, Yongin Firefighting Station, Gyeonggi-do) swiftly responded to a fire incident at a big shopping mall construction site in March, thereby keeping human casualties to minimum, Kim Sookhyun(59, Dongjak Firefighting Station, Seoul) rescued all 11 citizens in an apartment fire in January and Hong Sungjin(40, Jin Firefighting Station, Busan) saved 10 lives by searching a motel under fire from 2nd floor to the rooftop and opening the fire door in January.

S-OIL CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani expressed gratitude to the firefighters who go out of their ways to save others in risky situations but also asked them to take good care of themselves. “We are proud of our hero firefighter program that we launched in 2006 to thank firefighters and boost their morale. We will keep supporting you with deep care” said CEO Al-Qahtani.

As part of the hero firefighting campaign launched 14 years ago, S-OIL has ▲ presented condolence money to families of fallen firefighters(56) ▲ schooling expense to children of fallen firefighters(1,259) ▲ encouragement money to injured firefighters(305) ▲ refreshment camp to firefighters and their spouse(980) ▲ awarded hero firefighters(104).
※ Number in the parenthesis is cumulative number over the past 14 years.


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