• [CEO News]S-OIL had a New Year’s Hiking Event
  • 2020.01.13

● Committed to pursue the Petrochemical Expansion Project successfully as One Team
    - CEO Al-Qahtani “Create new opportunities by thinking out of the box”

On January 11, S-OIL held a New Year’s hiking event at Mt. Cheonggye and wished to have a strong start to the New Year. S-OIL CEO Hussain A. Al-Qahtani went mountain hiking together with 200 or so employees, including officers, team leader-level managers, and new employees who joined the company this year, to Peak Isu of Mt. Cheonggye in Seoul and made hopeful New Year’s resolutions and shared commitment to achieve the management goals of S-OIL.

CEO Al-Qahtani said, “The uncertainties we face today require a new set of ‘Success DNAs’ in order for us to deliver Vision 2025 and become the most competitive and admired energy and chemical company in Asia Pacific” and emphasized to “generate the best outcome for the company by making the most of the opportunities with creative thoughts as One Team, and thinking & acting out of the box with collaboration.” 

This year, S-OIL plans ▲ to continue optimization including the expansion of desulfurization facilities for compliance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations on sulfur content in fuels in order to respond to changing market conditions and spur further achievements, ▲ to successfully pursue the Phase 2 Petrochemical Expansion Project as One Team, and ▲ to make company-wide efforts to achieve major targets including establishment and execution of the Digital Transformation plan in order to proactively embrace the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.