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S-OIL broadens to oil-to-chemicals and envisions itself as the most competitive, creative and clean energy & chemical company.

I am very pleased to welcome you to S-OIL.

The journey S-OIL has pioneered since 1976 is a truly unparalleled feat. From the humble beginnings starting with a 90,000 B/D CDU we have taken arduous efforts to become one of the most competitive energy companies in Asia Pacific.

Being the first to run upgrading facilities at scale, exporting fuel products, which traditionally were for domestic market only, finding new breakthroughs with a forward-looking investment at times of greater uncertainty and building a balanced business portfolio across fuel, petrochemicals and lube base oil all represent grand and wide-ranging achievements that have built solid foundation for S-OIL's competitiveness and profitable growth over the years.

Past successes, however, are not a guarantee for future successes particularly in today's world where structural changes and rapid advances in technology are the 'new normal'. Viewing that such changes bring not only risks but also opportunities, I intend to harness the situation to maximize value for all our stakeholders and grow the Company in a way that shares prosperity with the society at large.

As we foresee rising demand for petrochemicals over the longer term, we aspire to take advantage of our strengths in the refining business and drive further integration with petrochemicals through phase two petrochemical investment project. The diversified business portfolio and stable income structure that will come from the investment initiatives will accelerate S-OIL towards its vision of becoming the most competitive, creative and clean energy & chemical company by 2030.

In doing so, we will stay true to the guiding values of excellence, passion, integrity, collaboration and sharing that are shared by all members of S-OIL, earn trust from all stakeholders and grow our businesses in such a way that generates economic, societal and environmental value.

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make S-OIL a great supplier of energy products and a contributor to a better place for humanity.

Representative Director & CEO
Hussain A. Al-Qahtani
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