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S-OIL broadens to oil-to-chemicals and envisions itself as the most competitive, creative and clean energy & chemical company.

Welcome to S-OIL!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to S-OIL website where you will find the amazing growth history of S-OIL and the future the more than 3,000 S-OIL employees are building together with all our stakeholders.

S-OIL that it is today is the story of rising to the challenges, turning crisis into an opportunity and setting new growth heights after another. This resilience and the belief that humanity will keep progressing transformed S-OIL from a small refiner with only 90,000 b/d refining capacity back in 1976 into one of the most competitive and recognized refining and chemical companies armed with integrated, high-complexity refinery 47 years later.

As much as our 47-year history was filled with growth and success driven by not only expanding our processing capacity but also our reach to the global market early on by constantly breaking the status quo S-OIL is now setting its eyes towards the future to deliver 2030 Vision of becoming The Most Competitive, Creative and Clean Energy & Chemical Company.

I am confident the future we envision will soon be a reality with Shaheen Project that we just embarked on to transform S-OIL from a pure refining company into a competitive refining and chemical company. This largest-ever investment project in the history of Korea's petrochemical industry will push S-OIL to another level with higher profitability, operational excellence, chemical expansion all in an eco-friendly manner with a 35% carbon emission reduction by 2035 and net zero by 2050. The growth coming out of it will be an economically sound and an environmentally sustainable one that adds greater value to customers, shareholders, business partners and all our stakeholders. And in so doing, we will go beyond being your trusted energy supplier to your true source of energy. Thank you very much.

Representative Director & CEO
Anwar A. Al-Hejazi