Public Service Corps

  • S-OIL Social Volunteer Group, established in 2007, is composed of 6 local volunteer groups and 2 executive offices. It involves the autonomous participation of employees of S-OIL to actively fulfill a social contribution campaign. S-OIL Social Volunteer Group is composed of almost half of all the employees of S-OIL. The programs are composed according to the regional situation, and the employees carry out volunteer work through 80 different programs around the country. Every year, their activities include sharing rice cake soup for the homeless, sharing Songpyeon for senior citizens living on their own, and also passing out briquettes to support heating for low-income families. The social volunteer groups are divided into 8 local volunteer groups to make kimchi, deliver heat packs, organize a New Year’s event, birthdays, and parents’ day events. Diverse volunteer work is executed.
    S-OIL Social Volunteer Group signed ‘the Strategic Partnership for the Activation of Social Volunteer Group’ in 2008 with the Korea Social Welfare Association. From August 2008, the Sunshine Sharing Program was developed to sustainably fulfill 1 person 1 account support activity, wage sharing, and 1:1 volunteer.