Key Performance

Hero Protector

  • S-OIL Social Contribution Activity is becoming a wonderful organization culture with autonomous participation of executives and employees based on the three principles of effectiveness, proper timing, and beneficiary, optimized to the condition of the company.
    S-OIL is developing its 'Haetsal Sharing Campaign' as the comprehensive social contribution activity of S-OIL. Haetsal Sharing Campaign carries the significance of making a bright society by sharing and helping others. There are differentiated programs, with topics including hero, isolated neighbor, environment, and Local community.  
  • Hero Protector

    Hero Protector is a program to compliment the true heroes of our society. Targets are the people that display civic spirit and spirit of sacrifice including marines and firefighters that protect the country.

    • Firefighting Hero Protector Model Firefighter Award, pay compensation to families of firefighters that lost lives/ injured firefighters, support tuition for children of firefighters that lost their lives, Firefighter couple camp
    • Marine Hero Protector Model Marine Award, support compensation for families, maritime historic site trips for the children of marines, support tuition for the children of marines that lost their lives
    • Citizen Hero ProtectorModel Citizen Award, support compensation to families of upright citizens that lost their lives, support treatment cost for the injured.
  • Environment Protector

    Environment Protector is composed of various programs to execute social responsibility of the company while maintaining our clean and bright natural heritage. The 'Natural Monument Protection' Program is a representative case of protecting natural monuments that are in risk of destruction after signing a contract with Cultural Heritage Administration from May of 2008.
    Otters (No 330), Red-Crowned Crane (No 202), Cyprinid Fish (No 259), and Long-Horned Beetle (No 218) were selected as protected species. Support is being provided to areas of Hwacheon and Cheolwon of Gangwondo along with Muju of Jeonbuk for habitat preservation, giving food, fry discharge, and treatment. A University Student Natural Monument Protector Group is selected to support research and protection activity. Furthermore, employee family volunteer groups, ecology camps, and children's natural monument classes are opened to let people know about the importance of natural monument protection and environment preservation.

  • Local Community Protector

    S-OIL is sustainably proceeding in 'Local Community Protector' business to develop and grow along with the local community.
    In 2007, S-OIL Ulsan Welfare Foundation was established for the first time in the company. Local Community contribution programs such as Local community welfare facilities, organization support, and support of farmers are being operated.
    Also, cultural events for citizens in Mapo-gu and Ulsan area where the business places are located are supported for the cultural development of Local community. In Mapo-gu where the head office building is located, free performances have been held, proceeding with the 'Cultural Arts and Sharing' Campaign from 2011. Nearby citizens join the performance to share culture and arts.In Ulsan are where the factory is located, the Oh Young Soo Literature Award was started in 1993 in honor of Nankye who was from Ulsan. Furthermore, cultural festivals focused on the central literary circles started along with the 'Beautiful Eyes Art Festival', an amateur art club festival that started in 1996. Also, various local community cultural and arts events are supported, including Gyeongsang Daily Shinchun Literature, Cheoyong Cultural Festival, Ulsan Whale Festival, and Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea.

  • Isolated Neighbors Protector

    To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, S-OIL conducts various sponsorship programs for isolated neighbors.
    Haetsal Sharing Jeju Camp for Children with Rare Diseases, which began in 2006, and the Overseas Marathon to Inspire the Disabled have been running for more than 10 years, and we continue to make efforts to promote the welfare of isolated neighbors with our own differentiated strategies, such as sponsoring orchestras for youth with developmental disabilities, providing customized learning aids for youth with disabilities, supporting migrant women victims of domestic violence, and providing scholarships for cleaning nursery schools. In particular, the Gas Station Sharing N Campaign is a program that connects volunteerism and donations by visiting local welfare facilities in conjunction with S-OIL gas stations nationwide.
    Through our partnerships with various social welfare organizations, we strive to ensure that our beneficiary-centered projects are carried out efficiently and professionally.


  • S-OIL Ulsan Walfare Foundation

    S-OIL Ulsan Welfare Foundation allocated 2.5 billion KRW for the establishment of a welfare foundation in the Ulsan Are in 2007, to actively fulfill the values of sharing by S-OIL. This is the first time that a company in the Ulsan area has established a social welfare foundation to increase welfare in the local community. S-OIL Ulsan Welfare Foundation carries out various social welfare business to support activity for local culture development, support welfare facility organizations, youth, disabled people, unfortunate neighbors, and local farmers along with volunteering.