ESG Management Scheme

S-OIL's ESG management starts with stakeholders' expectations. The Company strive to achieve the Vision 2030, "The Most Competitive, Creative and Clean Energy & Chemical Company", based on an accurate understanding of what stakeholders expect and what the Company need to do to fulfil their expectations, and by incorporating them into the Company's policies.


Vision 2030

The Most Competitive, Creative and Clean Energy & Chemical Company

Strategic Target

Company-wide goals that measure success in achieving the vision

  • Profitability
  • Green
  • Operational
  • Chemical
  • Safety

Core Value (S-OIL EPICS)

Common value that guide our decision and action under all circumstances

  • Excellence
    We thirst to learn, adapt, and evolve constantly to surpass expectations and deliver nothing but the best quality, service, and profitability to customers, employees, and owners.
  • Passion
    We aspire with a burning desire to aim higher than ever before to achieve our dream, fueled by boundless energy, strong motivation, and a can-do spirit.
  • Integrity
    We never compromise on our commitment to honesty, fairness, and the highest moral and ethical standards embracing them as essential values to our ultimate success.
  • Collaboration
    We work together as a team to keep raising the bar of success by sharing knowledge, opportunities and best practices.
  • Sharing
    We share our success with the communities where we live and work as a responsible and model corporate citizen.

Corporate Initiative

Top management’s high priority agenda that best support the achievement of vision

  • Safety & Environment First

  • Operational Excellence & Efficiency

  • Commercial Excellence & Synergy

  • Innovation, Technology & Growth

  • People, Leadership & Culture

Investment Roadmap

Potential investment items to realize growth

Corporate KPI

Key indicators that measure success in achieving the corporate Initiative and performance