더 좋은 기업, 더 사랑 받는 S-OIL이 되도록 끊임없이 도전하고 열정적인 노력을 쏟겠습니다.

S-OIL's new logo adopts a single-point mark type that stresses brand communication with a visual focus on the capital letter "S".
The five rays that stretch out from "S" singnify 5S-SPIRIT, a set of values shared among all S-OIL employees, and express S-OIL's warm heart to come close to customers through an image as fresh as the morning sun. The five ray icon harmonizes with "S", thereby emphasizing the specialty value that S-OIL has.

에쓰-오일 에쓰-오일 주식회사 S-OIL 주식회사 S-OIL Corporation S-OIL Corporation

				 S-OIL Corporation ENGLISH

  • S-OIL Green Pantone 349C C 100   M 30   Y 100    B 0 R 0   G 95   B 40
  • S-OIL Yellow Pantone 7408C C 0   M 30   Y 100   B 0 R 255   G 180   B 0
  • S-OIL Background Yellow Pantone 7405C C 0   M 15   Y 100   B 0 R 255   G 215   B 0
  • S-OIL Green
    S-OIL’s logotype is colored green to give visual impact to the new logo and seek harmony with S-OIL’s brand color, yellow.
    The green color also represents S-OIL’s consumer-oriented, environment-friendly image.
  • S-OIL Yellow, Background Yellow
    With the five rays colored yellow, the existing brand color of S-OIL, this new logo only preserves S-OIL’s brand image but also differentiates
    S-OIL from rival brands.