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    • Q.How is S-OIL’s board of directors composed?

      S-OIL’s board of directors consists of one inside director, four non-standing directors, and six outside directors. On the board, the outside directors occupy a majority and this improves transparency in the operation of the board. A director’s term of office is one year. By separately appointing the representative director and CEO and the chair of the board of directors, we realized enhancement in the expertise and responsible management by the CEO and ensured that the board of directors can supervise the Company’s operations objectively.
      Regular board of directors meetings are held every quarter and ad hoc meetings are held whenever necessary in order to resolve important issues of the Company. In order to meet the quorum requirement, general agenda items are passed with the approval of a majority of the directors present, while special agenda items are passed with the approval of two-thirds of the directors present. Directors can also vote via videoconferencing.


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    • Q.What are S-OIL’s subsidiaries?

      Please refer to the Affiliated Companies to find out S-OIL’s subsidiaries.


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    • Q.What is S-OIL’s dividend policy and record?

      Cash dividends shall be paid to shareholders from distributable retained earnings with the aim of achieving a balanced capital structure after setting aside annual net profits for the amounts to support reasonable capital needs and other expenditures as agreed by the Board of Directors.  The dividend, if available, shall be paid twice a year: an interim dividend and a year-end dividend.
      The most recent dividend record can be found in the Dividend under the Financial Information menu.


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    • Q.What is S-OIL's credit rating ?

      S-OIL’s the most recent domestic and overseas credit ratings can be found in Credit Rating under Financial Information menu.


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    • Q.Where can I get materials related to the management performance of S-OIL?

      Please check the Earnings Release and Audit Report under IR Information menu.


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