Line R&D

S-OIL performs various research and development activities to increase product quality and production facilities of our products. - This is reflected in the ompany’s requirements for the necessary future skills to promote research assessment.

Research on Production Technologies

Performance evaluation of Catalysts used by the BCC

S-OIL maintains a higher upgrading facilities ratio than other domestic refiners. And the Bunker-C Cracking Center (BCC), which is called “ground oil field,” is at the core of those facilities. S-OIL R&D Center carries out diverse activities to support the operation of the BCC.

  • Performance evaluation of
    Catalysts used by the BCC
  • Finding of optimum operating
    Conditions for the BCC
  • Maximum production of
    High value-added products

 Research on Process improvement/Production technologies

In order to produce high-quality fuel oils and lubricants, the R&D Center also conducts research on the improvement of production processes. It helps the efficient operation of the Refinery by developing production technologies for the gasoline & diesel hydrodesulfurization unit, the lube base oil unit and the BTX unit.

  • Research on Process improvement
    & Production technologies
  • Support for the efficient Operation
    of the Refinery
  • Production of high-quality fuel oils
    and lubricants

A field of Research on Production Technologies

  • Gasoline & DSL HDS Unit Core refining units
  • BTX Unit Production of Benzene
    Toluene, Xylene,
  • Hydrocracker Selection and application of
  • RFCC Unit Finding of optimum catalysts
    and operating conditions
    through RFCC-MAT

Operation of Pilot Plant

S-OIL Technical Research Center is undertaking studies using a Pilot Plant to execute various researches by minimizing the actual factory. Through the use of pilot plant equipment essential for the selection of a superior catalyst according to each process - including main processes of the crude oil dismantle facility - the company is contributing greatly in creating profit of S-OIL, while making the long-term operation and production of high quality products possible.

Pilot Plant

  • Hydrocracker
  • Hyvahl
  • RFCC
  • Lube
  • A-Tower, V-Tower

Research on Product

 Research on environment-friendly low-polluting clean fuel oil

S-OIL seeks to maintain the cleanness of the engine, by combining the world’s most advanced clean additive with its gasoline and diesel that boast world-class cleanness and strong power. Through this effort, the Company launched S-Gasoline and S-Diesel, which have better quality than its previous Super Clean and Super Diesel series.  S-Gasoline and S-Diesel, which enable the inside of the engine to stay clean, have a sulfur content of 10 ppm or less, so they can reduce the emission of noxious exhaust fumes significantly, prevent environmental pollution and protect even the health of drivers. By providing high-octane gasoline and high-cetane diesel for customers, S-OIL helps vehicles to maintain strong engine power. In addition, S-OIL contributes to the conservation of the environment by producing Clean Kerosene that won the Eco-Label for the first time among domestic petroleum products.

 Research on environment-friendly low-polluting clean fuel oil Table

Development of lube base oil

S-OIL possesses the first technology in Korea to produce Lube Base Oil. Premium Lube Base Oil and Super Lube Base Oil, produced with the recent procedure since 1981. The necessity of high quality base oil has increased with the strengthening of environmental regulations. Since 2002, the company develops and produces Ultra-S product that demonstrates a high viscosity index and superior oxidation stability. High performance and expansion of the lifespan of lubricant products through research and development are contributing to the protection of the environment

Development of lube base oil Table

Analysis of Samples and Additives

S-OIL does its best to satisfy customers in and out of the Company, by accurately and rapidly analyzing the samples needed for each research and carrying out special sample analyses requested by the Refinery and the Marketing Division. In addition, S-OIL assesses the performances of major additives used by the Refinery in advance, thereby contributing to improving the productivity of the Refinery. S-OIL uses a variety of up-to-date analyzers to test and analyze the physical properties and components of samples, the contents of elements, soil pollutants, etc.

Analysis of Samples and Additives

S-OIL TS&D Center

S-OIL established S-OIL TS&D Center in Seoul magok industrial complex to succeed in olefin downstream businesses.

Based on highly advanced equipment, skilled researchers and partnership with Sumitomo Chemical, TS&D Center has secured the highest level of customer technical service capability.

TS&D Center is functioning customer technical service related to polymer, market development through product differentiation and core technology development. In longer term, S-OIL plans to secure competitive new technology to find future growth engine.

Chemical Pilot Building, S-OIL TS&D Center, 31,
Magokjungang 8-ro 1-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07793, Korea
S-OIL TS&D Center

Vision of TS&D Center

The S-Oil TS&D Center secures essential technical capabilities to go to our vision of "The most competitive and admired energy & chemical company in Asia-Pacific", and to become a superior first-class enterprise.

Activities of TS&D Center

  • Customer Technical Service
    • Provision of technical solutions to customers
    • Cause analysis of Complaint & Claim and preparation of measure to prevent repeat
    • Response to domestic and overseas regulation and certificate
    • Customer technical seminar
  • Development of polymer products
    • Product development in response to the market and customer needs
    • Joint-research with academia and customers
  • Analysis
    • Analysis of polymer properties
    • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of polymer additives
    • CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis
    • Customer-requested analysis
  • Catalyst Research
    • Research on high-value added product introduction
    • Research on polymerization optimization for improving product quality and productivity