• [CSR News]S-OIL delivers scholarships to children of fallen firefighters
  • 2021.08.31

● S-OIL delivered 210 million won to 70 children of fallen firefighters. 
    - It has quietly supported firefighters as part of its Hero Firefighters Program since 2006. 

On August 31, S-OIL (CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani) delivered 3 million won each to 70 children of fallen firefighters, totaling 210 million won, together with the National Fire Agency (Commissioner Shin Yeol-woo) and the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (Chairman Seo Sang-mok) at its headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The donation delivery ceremony was held briefly and minimizing the number of participants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“S-OIL will never forget the sacrifice and courage given by firefighters for the sake of society and will always be proud of them,” said CEO Al-Qahtani. “We’ll quietly stand behind the families of fallen firefighters. 

As part of the Hero Firefighters Support Program, the Company has offered scholarships to children of firefighters who died in the line of duty since 2006 so that they can overcome grief and dedicate themselves to their study in a more stable environment.

It has granted some 4 billion won to about 1,400 students over 16 years. Those students are given scholarships all the way through university until they complete their education, which serve as a steppingstone for them to grow into responsible members of society. 


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