• [CEO News]S-OIL holds charity event ‘Sharing Songpyeon with S-OIL’
  • 2023.09.22

● S-OIL delivered 50 million won worth of Chuseok gift packages, including Songpyeon, to low-income households living in the neighborhood of its head office building

● The company has held the charity event since 2007 to help local residents have a warm holiday season

S-OIL (CEO Anwar A. Al-Hejazi) on Sept. 22 held charity event “Sharing Songpyeon (traditional Korean half-moon-shaped rice cake) with S-OIL” at its head office building in Mapo-gu, Seoul together with the Mapo Community Welfare Center of Loveaid Foundation.

On that day, the CEO and some 100 employees prepared 500 Chuseok gift packages worth a combined 50 million won and delivered them in person to low-income households recommended by Gongdeok-dong and Donhwa-dong community service centers near to the head office building. Not only S-OIL employees but also Saudi students studying in Korea and children at corporate daycare centers nearby participated in the volunteer activity, spending pleasant time together with neighbors in the community.

“To my knowledge, Chuseok is a meaningful holiday to Koreans when people celebrate the autumn harvest and share food with neighbors,” said CEO Al-Hejazi. “We’ll make ceaseless efforts to deliver warmth to lonely neighbors with our small gifts.”

S-OIL has held the charity event of sharing Songpyeon on every Chuseok since 2007 to help local residents have a warm holiday season.


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