• [CEO News]S-OIL holds 2023 Hero Firefighters Award Ceremony
  • 2023.12.11

● Eight firefighters were designated as 2022 Hero Firefighters and given awards in recognition of demonstrating their spirit of sacrifice at fire and accident scenes.

● The award program has boosted the morale of firefighters and supported their livelihoods as part of the Hero Firefighter Campaign since 2006.

On Dec. 11, S-OIL (RD & CEO Anwar Al-Hejazi) and the Korea National Council for Social Welfare (Chairman Kim Sung-i) presented the awards to eight hero firefighters, including the Best Hero Firefighter, and a combined 90 million won in cash prizes at the 2023 Hero Firefighters Award Ceremony held at the 63 Building in Seoul. 

S-OIL presented an award plaque with a 20 million won cash prize to Best Hero Firefighter Kwon Tae-jin (53, Seoul Special Rescue Team), who was recommended by a deliberation committee consisting of firefighting experts. In addition, the refiner granted an award plaque and a 1 million won cash prize each to seven Hero Firefighters including Fire Lieutenant Do Gi-mok (51, Seobu Fire Station in Daegu)

Fire Lieutenant Kwon Tae-jin, who was picked as the Best Hero Firefighter rescued a woman who was floating after a plunge into waters 100 meters away from the southern end of the Hannam Bridge in Feb. 2023. In July, he rescued a middle-aged man who jumped from the Han River Bridge. He has rescued about 150 people this year and was credited with his strong sense of duty and determined rescue efforts. 

S-OIL also recognized seven Hero Firefighters who dedicated themselves to save lives at fire and accident scenes:  Fire Lieutenant Do Gi-mok (51, Seobu Fire Station in Daegu), Fire Lieutenant Ahn Yong-hyuk (46, Useong Fire Station in Daejeon), Fire Sergeant Lee Ji-na (39, Goesan Fire Station in North Chungcheong Province), Fire Lieutenant Lim In-taek (51, Pocheon Fire Station in Northern Gyeonggi), Fire Lieutenant Chung Soon-dong (57, Nameul Fire Station in Ulsan), Fire Lieutenant Chung Hyung-ho (43, Special Rescue Team in Busan), and Fire Lieutenant Choi Eun-yong (38, 119 Special Response Team in North Gyeongsang Province).

“I have been concerned about firefighter safety, watching them going out of their way at many fire and accident scenes while at the same time feeling grateful for their hard work,” S-OIL CEO Anwar Al-Hejazi said. “I feel proud of S-OIL’s Hero Firefighter Program that rewards firefighters for their ceaseless determination and thus the Company will keep supporting firefighters with deepest respect.” 

Under the Hero Firefighter Campaign, over the past 15 years, S-OIL has granted condolence money to families of fallen firefighters, schooling expenses to the children of fallen firefighters, treatment expenses to injured firefighters and has held refreshment camps to firefighters and their spouses.


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