• [CEO News]S-OIL delivers donation in support of heroic maritime officers
  • 2024.06.10

● S-OIL delivered a donation of 325 million won for medical bills for injured maritime officers and scholarships for the children of fallen maritime officers, etc.

● It has supported maritime officers since it signed an agreement with the KCG in 2013. 

On June 10, S-OIL (RD & CEO Anwar A. Al-Hejazi) delivered a donation of 325 million won in support of maritime police officers of the Korea Coast Guard (KCG) at its headquarters in Mapo, Seoul, together with the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (KNCSW; Chairman Kim Sung-i). The donation will be spent on medical bills for injured maritime officers, scholarships for the children of maritime police officers who died in the line of duty, and the ceremony for awarding heroic maritime officers, etc. 

“Maritime officers, who take risks to save lives despite difficult sea conditions, are the real heroes of our society,” S-OIL CEO Anwar Al-Hejazi said at the donation ceremony. “S-OIL will continue to stand behind maritime officers as their reliable supporter,” he added. 

In an effort to encourage maritime officers who are committed to safeguarding the country’s maritime territory and people’s lives and property in the frontline by rescuing ships, tackling marine pollution, and taking action against illegal fishing vessels, S-OIL signed a “Maritime Hero Protection” agreement with the KCG and the KNCSW in 2013. Since then, the Company has been making donations for related programs and awarding hero maritime officers. 


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