• [Corp News]S-OIL completes digital transformation mega project, builds ‘intelligent plant’
  • 2024.06.24

● S-OIL kicked into full gear the S-imoms project, which cost  25.5 billion won over the past three years. It expects the project to yield over 28 billion won in annual economic benefits. 

● It collects data with portable CCTV systems and drones and achieved remarkable innovation with its safety systems.

S-OIL has launched the full-scale operation of its digital transformation mega project in mid-June after three years of efforts to create a world-class intelligent plant. In addition, it is expanding the introduction of cutting-edge 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as portable CCTV systems and drones to enhance safety systems, minimizing worker safety and removing risk factors.    

With the aim of improving operational efficiency of its Onsan refinery and turning it into an intelligent plant equipped with the world’s highest competitiveness, the company has pushed ahead with the S-OIL Integrated Manufacturing Operation Management System (S-imoms) project. 

The S-imoms project, into which the company poured 26.7 billion won over the past three years, involved 120 experts from 13 specialized companies and over 100 in-house S-OIL personnel. Rather than merely implementing IT systems, S-imoms integrates dozens of digital systems into a cohesive platform, transforming the plant's operational framework. S-OIL expects work innovation based on the digital transformation to yield over 28 billion won in annual economic benefits. 

The S-imoms project removed inefficiencies of S-OIL refinery’s work procedures by analyzing the procedures right from the design stage and focused on maximizing work effieicney, detecting potential risks in advance, and preventing risks. It integrated some 30 production, facility, maintenance, inspection, and safety systems that had been operated separately into a cohesive platform and assesses the operational status and performance of rotating equipment and devices, etc. in real time. Data on operation is analyzed by applying AI technology and the analysis results are used for preventive maintenance and the establishment of maintenance and repair strategies.       

“We completely digitalized numerous onsite inspection sheets, etc. such as work permits and shift logbooks, which were printed on paper and automated work procedures, thereby improving onsite work efficiency and mitigating potential accident risks,” Park Hyeong-woon, head of Refinery Innovation and Coordination said. “Such inspection sheets are provided on dashboard screens through visualization so that workers can intuitively identify major information at a glance, and such changes in work patterns are expected to produce meaningful results in establishing data-based decision-making that the company has pursued through digital transformation.”  

In addition, the company leverages cutting-edge 4th Industrial Revolution technologies to enhance safety systems, introducing portable CCTV systems. Portable CCTV systems are placed in variable worksites requiring meticulous observation for real-time monitoring, and wirelessly transmitted data from them can be analyzed by utilizing AI, which allows the company to identify risk factors promptly and take immediate action.

Drone technology is also actively used to safely inspect high-risk areas such as high-altitude locations or confined spaces. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, drones collect detailed data, minimizing worker risk while performing necessary inspections quickly and accurately. 

Moreover, S-OIL has introduced the S-Mustering system, which monitors the real-time location and status of field workers, enabling rapid response in emergency situations. The system focuses on swiftly checking the safety of workers and expediting rescue operations effectively.  

"Through the S-imoms project and the adoption of various cutting-edge 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, we expect significant improvements in workplace safety and operational efficiency,” a source from the company said. “S-OIL will continue to drive digital innovation to enhance the work environment and ensure that all employees can work safely.”




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