• [CSR News]S-OIL at forefront of conserving Janghang Wetland registered as Ramsar Site
  • 2021.11.08

● S-OIL sealed a pact with Goyang City and the Han River Basin Environmental Office to conserve the biodiversity of Janghang Wetland.
    - It will support activity to preserve the ecosystem of Janghang Wetland, which was registered as Korea’s 24th Ramsar Site.


S-OIL (CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani) on November 8 signed an agreement with Goyang City (Mayor Lee Jae-jun) and the Han River Basin Environmental Office (Commissioner Cho Hui-song) to conserve Janghang Wetland at its headquarters in Mapo-gu, Seoul and delivered a donation of 150 million won.

Janghang Wetland is an urban wetland stretched across Sinpyeong-dong, Janghang-dong, and Beopgot-dong, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province along the Han River estuary.

The world-renowned riverside treasure site houses roughly some 30,000 water birds every year, including endangered species and natural treasures such as white-naped crane and black-faced spoonbill. As Janghang Wetland has been internationally recognized for its ecological value, it was registered as Korea’s 24th Ramsar Site in May this year.

“We root for people who dedicate themselves to protecting the ecosystem and research activity despite difficult conditions,” said “Hussain Al-Qahutani. “S-OIL will continuously keep lending a hand to raise public awareness of the conservation of the ecosystem and boost their participation.”

S-OIL has ceaselessly conducted a campaign to conserve biodiversity through the preservation of the ecosystem and to protect endangered natural treasures such as otters, cranes, spotted barbels, and long-horn beetles.

S-OIL’s donation will be spent on activities to conserve Janghang Wetland and the restoration of otter habitats.


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