• [CSR News]S-OIL supports vulnerable people’s operation of “Sunshine Sharing Convenience Stores”
  • 2022.03.17

● S-OIL grants single-parent families and female migrants, etc. rights to operate convenience stores at service stations.
The company plans to expand the program nationwide.



S-OIL (CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani) on Mar. 17 opened a convenience store on the premises of Tongilroilpum S/S in Gwansa-dong, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province together with the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (KNCSW) (Chairman Seo Sang-mok) and held an opening ceremony for the “Sunshine Sharing Convenience Store,” of which operational rights are granted to the vulnerable free of charge.

Under the program, S-OIL will open E-mart 24 convenience stores on the premises of service stations where an idle space is available and give five-year operational rights and proceeds to financially difficult and socially disadvantaged people such as single-parent family members, female migrants, and victims of burns. The KNCSW is in charge of selecting the operators, and a member of a single-parent family was picked as the operator of the Sunshine Sharing Service Station Convenience Store.  

“We’ll redouble our efforts to practice our core value, “Sharing,” at a time when everyone is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said CEO Al-Qahtani. “S-OIL will be the solid companion of neighbors in need, practicing its social responsibility as a corporate citizen through continuous CSR activity.”

In 2011, S-OIL signed an agreement with the KNCSW and the Ministry of Health and Welfare to launch the S/S Sharing N Campaign, a CSR activity that is conducted together with its S/Ss. The latest program to give disadvantaged people rights to run service station convenience stores is intended to motivate them to financially stand on their own feet. The program is all the more meaningful in that it is not one-off aid but continuous support for their financial self-sustenance.


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