• [CEO News]S-OIL holds charity event “Sharing Songpyeon with S-OIL”
  • 2020.09.23

● S-OIL CEO Al-Qahtani delivered Chuseok gift packages to 900 low-income households in Mapo.

S-OIL (CEO Hussain A Al-Qahtani) held a charity event “Sharing Songpyeon with S-OIL” on the occasion of Chuseok at the Seongsan Social Welfare Center (President Sim Jung-won), Ewha Woman’s University in Mapo-gu, Seoul on September 23, and offered gift packages to low-income families. 

The gift packages delivered to 900 low-income households, including  recipients of National Basic Livelihood Security, single-parent families, disabled people and elderly people living alone, contained Songpyeon, instant rice, and other groceries as well as daily necessities like face masks to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“To my knowledge, Chuseok is a meaningful holiday to Koreans when people celebrate the autumn harvest and share food with neighbors,” said CEO Al-Qahtani. “I hope that S-OIL’s small gifts will deliver warmth to neighbors who have to spend a lonely Chuseok holiday while suffering hardships amid the pandemic.

S-OIL has held the charity event of serving "tteokguk," on Lunar New Year's Day, and sharing Songpyeon on every Chuseok for the last 14 years since 2007 to help local residents have a warm holiday season.


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