• [CEO News]S-OIL launches Hope to You Campaign
  • 2020.11.12

● S-OIL delivered heating oil worth 150 mil. won to energy-poor households during the winter season.

# Lee Young-soon aged 104 (pseudonym) lives on basic livelihood security benefits. She lives with a 61-year old mentally disabled son. Her decrepit traditional Korean-style house is chilly due to shoddy roofing. But since she cannot afford to buy kerosene for heating costing more than 200,000 won per month, she refrains from using the boiler. But this year, S-OIL’s Hope to You Campaign, which provides heating oil, will help her to spend a warm winter.     

On Nov. 12, S-OIL (CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani) delivered a donation of 150 million won to the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (KNCSW) (Chairman Seo Sang-mok) as part of the Hope to You Campaign, which offers heating oil to energy-poor households. This donation will be used to dish out heating oil to 225 households selected by KNCSW, including grandparent-headed families, elderly people living alone, disabled people, and multicultural families.

“This year seems to be seeing a cold winter earlier than previous years. It appears that there are still many neighbors who go through a cold winter without heating due to financial hardship,” said S-OIL CEO Al-Qahtani during a visit to a senior living alone in Seodamun-gu, Seoul. “I hope that S-OIL’s small donation will be of help to people during the cold winter and we’ll continue to reach out to neighbors in need.”

The refiner has supported heating oil to households that refrain from using boilers in winter due to financial difficulty since 2015 as part of CSR activity linked with the characteristics of the refining industry.