• [CSR News]S-OIL cheers orphaned teenagers to make their dreams come true
  • 2020.06.24

● ‘Dream Scholarship’ donation to orphaned teenagers to support their economic independence and settle into the society
    - 280 million Won scholarship to 114 two-year college engineering students and high school students

On Jun. 24th, S-OIL (Representative Director: Hussain Al-Qahtani) held ‘2020 S-OIL Dream Scholarship Ceremony’ at its Head Office in Mapo with Korea Child Welfare Association(Chairman: Shin Jungchan). During the ceremony aimed to help teenagers living in orphanages pursue studies and stand on their own feet, S-OIL donated a total of 280 million Won to 114 two-year college students majoring engineering and high school students, and to Sundok Choir composed of teenagers living in Sundukwon. Beneficiary students did not participate in the Ceremony due to COVID-19.

S-OIL provided 2.5 million Won in scholarship to each of the 44 two-year college students majoring in chemical, mechanical, electric and electronic engineering. These students who were raised in orphanage will receive S-OIL scholarship until they finish school so that they can focus themselves on schooling. The refiner also donated 2.0 million Won in technical training expense to 70 high school students working hard to gain technical skills or license in heavy equipment, computer, hairdressing and bakery. S-OIL launched Dream Scholarship in 2016 and has ever since donated 1.48 billion Won to 600 students.

The Scholarship is not a simple one-off donation but one aimed at providing emotional well-being to teenagers from child welfare facilities and give them the chance to learn and eventually grow into healthy member of society.

S-OIL CEO Hussain Al-Qahtani said “education is the platform on which students can unlock their potential, capture opportunities and turn their dreams into reality. S-OIL will keep cheering the students to arm themselves with knowledge and skills to get closer to their dreams”.


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