governance assessment

Committees to Assist CEO

"Committees to Assist CEO : Committees, Committees Role, Table.
Committees Committees Role
Management Committee Reviews and endorses Long Range Business Plan, Operational Plan, and other matters that impact
on the company’s management
ERM Committee Establishes and approves the company’s general risk management policies and strategies
Contracting Committee Selects contractors when contracts exceed a predetermined amount to guarantee transparency and
fairness in contracting
Personnel Administration Committee Offers advice on personnel-related matters, including employment, promotions, rewards, and
disciplinary action to ensure fair HR management
Cash Management Committee Establishes financial policies and guidelines and deals with capital plans and cash operations not
reflected in the company’s Operating Plan
Management Committee Supports decision-making establishing customer credit limits
Donation Committee Establishes directions and strategies for social contributions activities to ensure transparency and
Ethics Committee Promotes ethics management and assists in making decisions related to ethics problems, including
conflicts of interest
IR Committee Establishes the company’s IR strategies

Outside Auditor

Outside Auditor : Name of the Company, Appointment Date, Contract Term, Recent auditor's opinion table.
Name of the Company Appointment Date Contract Term Recent auditor's opinion
Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers Mar. 2023 2023 ~ 2025 unqualified opinion